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What Your Sock Style Says About You

Posted On 05/03/2019
What Your Sock Style Says About You

Socks present the perfect way to fully express your own unique personal style. What you might not realise is that your choice of socks says a lot about who you are, what you like, and even what you don’t like.


Think about it – you’re much more likely to say ‘hell yeah’ to socks with a cheese motif or pineapple print than you are a shirt in a similar style. Socks give us an opportunity to add a little quirky style. This is often not really seen unless someone else looks pretty closely. Providing full creative freedom, your socks are your opportunity to provide a little insight to the world.


Your sock style could be the key to unlocking who you really are, so what does your sock style really say about you….?


Sock Style: Bold Block Colours

If your sock of choice is a bold colour, in a simple style, it could be suggested that your aim is to always make a good, and strong impression. While these socks are in some way conservative, the bold colour draws attention to you. This shows you’re not afraid to make a statement.


Your single colour socks communicate that you’re able to stick to a smart and fairly sensible appearance. On the flip side, it also shows that you love a little stylish flair. You want to fit in, but also represent yourself as an individual and someone who’s not afraid to push boundaries.


Playful Prints

Sock Style: Printed Socks

‘Go big or go home’ is your moto, in everything that you do. Bold playful prints show that you’re not afraid to be yourself. In addition, it shows that you fully commit to whatever it is that you’re doing, from work to projects, new adventures and relationships.


You’re not afraid to push boundaries, and to be questioned on your unique choice of socks. From playful motifs to graphic prints in bold colours, you’re not necessarily wearing your socks because you want them to be seen and you want to get noticed, but because you like them and didn’t really give putting them on a second thought. Your heart generally leads you.


Sock Style: Wide Stripes

classic striped socks
classic striped socks

If you favour oversized patterns and dense colours, such as colourful wide stripe styles, it’s likely you’re a bit of a crowd pleaser. Known as someone who’s upbeat, positive and always up for a good time, wide stripes are a statement. Bold but without being too out there, your socks suggest you like to be playful with your style, while sticking to classic looks.


Simple Spots

Sock Style: Bold spot socks

A little more subtle than the motif sock or the wide stripe, simple spots are contemporary, but still considered to be a classic sock style. This is the best of both worlds. A simple spot sock implies that you’re someone that enjoys balance in your life. Equally driven by both your heart and your head, you’re of high emotional intelligence and are a compassionate individual. You also tend to think things through quite carefully before making any decisions.


Who’d of thought you could tell so much from a sock? Often a style choice that’s a little overlooked, you wear socks each and every day.  So why not choose something that perfect reflects your style and character.


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