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Top 5 Male Fashion Bloggers for Style Inspiration in 2019

Posted On 09/04/2019
Top 5 Male Fashion Bloggers for Style Inspiration in 2019

Top 5 Male Fashion Bloggers for Style Inspiration in 2019


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Finding style inspiration that fits with your own unique style can be tricky. Fashion is very visual, and so many of us find it helpful to be able to see items and styles on to gain ideas for our own wardrobe updates. While the designer looks straight off the catwalk are often unattainable and not particularly wearable for daily style, male fashion bloggers and influencers provide inspiration for the everyday guy.


Read on to discover the top five male fashion bloggers for style inspiration in 2019…


1.Jordan Bunker


Writing about fashion, lifestyle and travel, Jordan Bunker provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration. His blog focuses on encouraging the reader to embrace their own unique style, which Jordan does brilliantly himself. This is the ideal blog to read if you’re looking to create your own unique style, and better understand your personal tastes and how to embrace these.


Jordan writes about topics such as learning the importance of attention to detail in fashion, as well as guides to help you with the change of season and mastering classic styles.


Read Jordan’s latest posts here: https://www.jordanbunker.uk/index?category=Fashion



2. Eldred Grove


Written by Craig Hammond, Eldred Grove is an award winning men’s lifestyle blog. Alongside his blog, Craig also has popular social media profiles and a YouTube channel, providing a variety of ways in which you can gain style inspiration. He regularly publishes fashion reviews, focusing on both high street and designer styles. Follow this blog if you favour a classic style, with sharp tailoring and clever off-duty looks.


Access Eldred Grove here: https://www.eldredgrove.com


3. Carl Thompson


Carl provides an abundance of style inspiration, using his own looks, the latest on the market, as well as providing inspiration from others too, like his latest post ‘Best London Street Style Photographers to Follow on Instagram’.


Featured in GQ and Shortlist, Carl is a well-known among male fashion bloggers and generally in the fashion industry. He is also the founder of his own menswear fashion label, and runs his blog to share style and lifestyle advice.


Read Carl’s latest fashion posts here: https://www.carlthompson.co.uk/style



4. Man for Himself


Written by Robin James, Man for Himself covers male grooming, lifestyle and fashion. One of the best features of Robin’s blog is that he categorises his fashion posts into occasions, such as ‘casual, formal, activewear and outerwear’. This makes his blog really easy to navigate, and provides an abundance of style ideas and tips for all occasions.


Robin says that you should dress for where you want to be, not where you are. Fashion can support your aspirations, and Robin shows this himself with his eye catching style.


Head over to the Man for Himself blog here: https://manforhimself.com/style/



5. Grey Fox


Of course it’s important to still look good as you start to evolve into a silver fox. Grey Fox states that you can ‘age with style’ and provides fashion and lifestyle ideas and inspiration for the middle aged man. With a style inspiration category, Grey Fox provide lots of creative ideas to style yourself as you head into your 40s and beyond.


Visit the Grey Fox blog here: http://www.greyfoxblog.com/p/style.html


Today style inspiration is so much more accessible than ever before, so we should take advantage and spark ideas by browsing the many male fashion bloggers that publish their guides and inspiration online.


For further style inspiration, keep up to date with our blog to discover lots of ideas for the stylish 21st century man.


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