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The Full Guide to Styling Bright Socks for Work

Posted On 27/03/2019
The Full Guide to Styling Bright Socks for Work
  1. The Full Guide to Styling Bright Socks for Work



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Meta description: Wearing bright socks for work is a great way to introduce a little personality. Whether you have a smart-casual or smart dress code, here’s how to style them



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Workwear can sometimes be tricky to navigate. Today, generally speaking, most companies are more relaxed about office attire, but with each business introducing different rules it can be difficult to know what you can get away with, and what might be pushing the limits.


A great way to add personality and a pop of colour to your style is by wearing bright or bright socks. Bright socks for work can go a long way to communicating a little more about who you are as an individual, without breaking any style rules…



A smart-casual dresscode is the most common for the workplace in the UK. This can be open to interpretation, but generally speaking it means no sweatpants, hoodies or t-shirts with big slogans on. Some offices allow you to wear jeans and trainers, others don’t.

Despite a smart-casual dress code, it’s nice to make that extra effort for the working day, and lean more towards the smart side with your workwear. For the perfects smart casual look, try a pair of chinos teamed with a long sleeve thin knit jumper or plain shirt. Style with brogues and a pop of colour on your socks. Where possible, match the colour of your socks to another element of your outfit, or go for neutral shades and let your bright socks become the statement.


No Dress Code

Many forward thinking companies have done away with the dress code all together, instead choosing to allow their employees to dress in a way that’s comfortable for them and to embrace their own unique sense of style.

For a casual work look, try a pair of straight leg jeans, rolled up at the hem to show your socks off. Choose a pair of bright socks for work, and team with tan leather or suede boots. For summer try a simple t-shirt in white, black or khaki, or for winter a brenton T with a chunky open cardigan is always a winner.


Smart Only

If you have a ‘smart’ dress code at work, it’s best to stick to this as closely as possible to avoid upsetting anyone. For men, this generally means being suited and booted, or at least wearing smart trousers and a shirt on the daily. Just because you have to dress smart though, doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own personal touches.

Bright socks for work can be included in a smart dress code, you just have to be subtle about your colourful addition. When it comes to wearing bright socks, keep your trouser length long, rather than going for a slightly shorter leg to show your socks off. This means that generally, your socks won’t be that noticeable until you sit down, meaning they provide a little surprise and a hint at your personality.


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