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Socks and Sandals: What are the Rules for 2019?

Posted On 01/07/2019
Socks and Sandals: What are the Rules for 2019?

Socks and Sandals: What are the Rules for 2019?


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Meta description: Once a fashion faux pas, socks and sandals are officially in for men’s style. Read on to discover how this look came about, and how to style it for yourself…


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Back in the summer of 2018, it was announced that wearing socks with sandals was officially cool. Seen across the men’s catwalk shows and filtered down into high street style, 2018 saw this previous fashion no-no become a welcome pairing. This presented a lot of opportunities for men when it came to mixing up footwear, but also to experiment with socks designed to be on show. That being said, what’s considered acceptable in 2019, and how can you effectively pair socks with sandals? Read on to find out…



Men’s Style in 2019…

More than ever before, the traditional rules of men’s fashion exist to be broken. Over the last year, various style faux pas have made it onto the catwalk and into everyday fashion, with socks and sandals being one of those looks. 


Once considered a fashion sin, the likes of Justin Bieber, David Beckham and Kanye West have been seen multiple times supporting the socks and sandals look in 2018. The introduction of this look has since snowballed, with it now being deemed stylish to wear socks and sandals by those with fashion knowledge. In 2019, it’s starting to become widely considered as an acceptable look, and one that can win serious style points. 


This development makes sandals a possible shoe option from spring right through to autumn. Previously worn mostly for summer holidays abroad, being able to wear socks with your sandals makes them a great footwear option even on cooler days. 


Socks becoming a statement…


Socks are now a style statement, rather than something that should be kept hidden wherever possible. Gone are the days of invisible socks with loafers, this summer many men are embracing the bold and bright sock, teaming them with sandals to draw attention to this unique style statement. 


Once indoor only footwear, the slider and similar are now fashionable too, helping to add to the idea that socks should be worn to be seen. Sandals and sliders are currently up there with sneakers, and best of all, they are considered best worn with socks for outdoor use. 


The combination of the trend of breaking the basic fashion rules and statement style means that bright coloured and patterned socks are increasing in popularity, and set to be one of the biggest trends in men’s fashion for 2019.


Styling socks and sandals…


When it comes to styling your socks and sandals, there’s really very little in terms of limitations. From pool side to off-duty style, socks and sandals are ideal for casual attire during the spring, summer and autumn months. 


For a super casual look, try teaming basketball shorts in black with a pair of sliders also in black, socks in a contrasting shade and a slogan t-shirt. While socks and sandals generally lends itself better towards a casual look, you can also create a smarter look with this footwear. Try brown leather sandals with a pair of plain socks, slim fit trousers and a simple white shirt and casual black jacket.


Now that you know how to style socks and sandals, is this a look you will be trying this summer? To fuel your new look, try our sock subscription serviceto get new pairs of socks delivered to your door every month. 


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