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New Year’s Resolution? Make It A New Sock Subscription!

Posted On 14/01/2020
New Year’s Resolution? Make It A New Sock Subscription!

New Year’s Resolution? Make It A New Sock Subscription!

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Meta Desc: Looking for a New Year’s resolution that you can actually stick to? A sock subscription is the way to go if your goal is to get organised, stylish and confident this year.

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Are you one of the 60% of people that made a New Year’s resolution for 2020? If you did, are you still persevering or are you one of the 88% of people that give up with their new year commitment? We know that promising yourself that you’ll go to the gym every day or denying yourself your favourite snack or takeaway is no happy way to live.

There are, however, resolutions that you can make that are easy to stick to and will bring you happiness too. Enter the new year sock subscription – a resolution that’s easy to follow while also delivering a wealth of benefits!

Why Should A Sock Subscription Be Your New Year’s Resolution?

Is your goal to get a new job or perhaps do a Marie Kondo and be minimalistic? Maybe you resolve to give yourself a wardrobe overhaul or perhaps to be a bit braver and own your personality. Whatever your goal for 2020, socks are a great place to start.

Resolution One: Eliminate Embarrassment

For a start, nothing good comes out of wearing old socks. They have holes, worn thin, lost their elastic and feel like cardboard, making them much harder to put on in the mornings. However, by the end of the day, they go back into the wash and the cycle repeats.

You may not think about your battered socks, but you can bet it’ll be the worst pair you’re wearing when you’re sat waiting for the big meeting or interview. Or the pair that will show your toes when you’re asked to take your shoes off in someone’s home. They’ll probably be the pair you’re wearing when you decide you need to buy some new shoes.

Save yourself the embarrassment for 2020.

Now is the time to banish all of those old socks, including the ones you’re wearing now. Don’t worry; you don’t have to add them to landfill. There are lots of eco-friendly ways to use those old socks – but they don’t have to be an embarrassment to your feet.

Resolution Two: Get Organised

Minimalism is still a big trend for 2020. So if you’re looking to organise your home and get rid of items that do not bring joy, then it’s not too late. Your sock drawer is the perfect place to start. It’s time to get rid of those dull, faded socks that don’t make you feel good when you’re wearing them. Then, for any keepers, you can organise your sock drawer with this game-changing sock folding method.

We guarantee you’ll feel happier for it. Plus, a tidy sock drawer, a tidy mind.

Resolution Three: Embrace Your Inner Confidence

Want to showcase your confidence and personality? The best place to start is with your socks. Your socks say a lot about your personality. With quality, soft-touch funky socks that you can enjoy with the Henry J sock subscription, you can be as subtle or as out-there as you like when it comes to showcasing The Real You.

What’s more, it’s amazing at what a touch of colour in your wardrobe can do to improve your mood, outlook and even your walk!

How To Stick To Your Sock Subscription Resolution

Here comes the easy part. Our sock subscription means that every month, you can receive a brand-new stylish pair of luxury socks that really do spark joy. Our parcels are letterbox friendly, so you’re resolution is as simple as opening your post and slipping these feet-snugglers on. So, do you want to own your personality, organise your life and stay sharp in 2020? Start your sock subscription today!



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