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Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer ’19

Posted On 27/03/2019
Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer ’19

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Summer is right around the corner (we promise!), making now the perfect time to consider the men’s fashion trends for spring/summer 2019. From 1920s inspired tailoring and short shorts, to bold stripes and a revival of the ‘90s rave look, there’s a lot of variety in men’s fashion for 2019. 


With so many trends and looks to consider, think about what will work for you, to suit your lifestyle and own unique sense of style…



1. 1920’s Tailoring


Tailoring is taking a step back to the 1920s for the season ahead. The ‘20s was a period that celebrated leisure, and the tailoring reflected this. With a slightly more relaxed cut than traditional tailoring, the suits of the time were straight cut, and in a palette of neutrals. 


Men’s fashion trends for 2019calls for a more relaxed approach to tailoring. Try a straight cut blazer in cream, teamed with a brenton t-shirt, chinos and a pair of loafers to nail the 21st century approach to 1920s fashion. 





2. Short Shorts


The tricky part of this trend is considering ‘how short do I go?’. While the shortest of short shorts we’ve ever seen on men were all over the spring/summer 2019 catwalks, this approach might not be practical for your day to day life. To make this trend more wearable, go for a short that ends halfway between the knee and the waistband – essentially mid thigh. 


Both plain shorts and patterned shorts were seen on the runway, so it’s really down to your personal taste when it comes to interpreting this trend. 



3. Bold Stripes


Seen on shirts, trousers, blazers, socks and accessories, the stripe is back big time for the season ahead. Stripes on more tailored pieces were kept fairly traditional, running vertical with thin lines. For brenton t-shirts, accessories and socks, stripes are bolder and brighter, running horizontally with thicker more defined lines.


Try adding interest to your look, by styling a bold stripe sock with an otherwise simple look. This is a great way to add personality, colour and pattern to your style in a subtle way, ideal for off-duty fashion as well as workwear. 



4. Tie Dye


In a variety of colour palettes, tie dye was heavily featured on the men’s fashion trends catwalks for spring/summer. This laid back style is more wearable than you might think, and ideal worn on t-shirts and sweaters. For those that prefer more neutral tones, try subtle shades of grey or pale mauve, or opt for bright and bold colours if you like to stand out. 



5. 90’s Rave Inspired Fashion


The rave look of the ‘90s is back in the 21st century. For this season, it’s all about giving a nod to the look, rather than turning up in full on rave attire. Think bold and bright patterned shirts in a longline cut, or bright motif t-shirts, teamed with paired back straight leg jeans or simple shorts. A great way to give a subtle nod to this trend is with a brightly coloured pair of socks peeping out from under your jeans, or as more of a statement with shorts. 

Spring/summer is a great season to experiment with your look and introduce new styles, colours and patterns. One of the best ways to try new colours and prints is via our sock subscription. With our subscription, you’ll receive a new brightly coloured pair of socks through the post every month so that you can be more playful with your look. 



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