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Men’s Fashion: The Spring/Summer Stripe 

Posted On 19/03/2019
Men’s Fashion: The Spring/Summer Stripe 

4. Men’s Fashion: The Spring/Summer Stripe 


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Meta Description: Discover the hottest trend for the season ahead in men’s fashion – the spring/summer stripe. With styling tips, ideas and much more here…


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While warm weather and a glimpse of sunshine might seem a little way off, spring is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to consider updating your wardrobe for the warmer months, and stripes are set to be one of the leading trends in men’s fashion for spring/summer ‘19…


The Updated Summer Stripe


Stripes are one of the easiest patterns to pull off, making them ideal for the print and pattern shy. Appearing in men’s fashion almost every year and every season, stripes are a classic staple that should be in every man’s wardrobe. 


While the well known brenton t-shirt is always popular come spring/summer, this year there are a variety of new ways to introduce stripes into your style. From vivid block strips in bright colours, to more muted designs in neutral shades, stripes were all over the spring/summer ‘19 catwalks, and are now filtering down into high street fashion.



Introducing Summer Stripes


With each of us different with our own unique style, how do you incorporate stripes into your look in a way that suits you? Here are a few ideas…


For the traditional dresser: If you prefer more classic style, there’s no reason why you can’t stick with the traditional brenton T. Ideal for both smart and casual dressing, try pairing a navy and white brenton with straight leg jeans for off-duty style, or team with chinos for a smart-casual work look.


For the experimental dresser: Summer stripes don’t just have to be worn on your t-shirt. If you like experimenting with your style, try a bold and colourful stripey sock, peeking out from under rolled up jeans. Pull the look together with a bright sweat in a matching shade.


For the sporty dresser: If you regularly incorporate sports luxe pieces into your look, such as tapered joggers, high top trainers and bombers try introducing stripes in a simple way. A long sleeve breton or a striped pair of socks will compliment your style perfectly.


For the colour enthusiast: Summer stripes doesn’t have to mean the classic blue and white combo. Stripes of all sizes and colours were seen across a number of garments on the spring/summer catwalk. If colour is your thing, choose bright colour combinations instead of the more traditional styles.


For the bold dresser: Stripes don’t strictly have to be horizontal, and who said you should only wear one pattern at a time? For the summer months, try a pair of horizontal striped shorts and throw on a pair or stripey socks for good measure. 



Updating your Look


When it comes to investing in a new trend, most of us want to avoid throwaway fashion, instead choosing pieces that we can enjoy for years to come. If you’re considering introducing summer stripes to your look, try investing in a few key pieces to begin with and see how they work with the rest of your wardrobe. A brenton T, some stripey socks and a vertical striped pair of shorts are all you need to experiment with this trend, by introducing a few pieces that won’t date quickly.


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