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How Your Socks can Define Your Look

Posted On 20/06/2019
How Your Socks can Define Your Look
  1. How Your Socks can Define Your Look

The humble sock is sometimes overlooked as a key piece in men’s fashion. Considered a practical item more so than a fashion statement, socks are an integral part of our wardrobes and something that many of us put on everyday with very little thought.


Socks certainly don’t have to be dull or boring though, and can become a statement piece within your everyday look. Here’s how your socks can define your look…


Think Outside the Box


While of course a simple white or black sock doesn’t say much about the wearer, a colourful or patterned pair does quite the opposite. When it comes to your socks, think outside the box and go for something that defies expectations. Being bold with your sock style is a statement in itself, and communicates that you’re creative, confident and not afraid to break the fashion rules and do your own thing.



Pair Things Back


For your colourful and bold socks to really become the statement piece of your style, consider pairing back the rest of your look. Take a bright pink pair of socks for example – if you were to wear them with various other bright or patterned pieces they might become lost, whereas in choosing otherwise simple and neutral styles, your socks will pop.


For a smart-casual look, try grey chinos with a white polo shirt, finished with a pair of brogues and a bright or patterned pair of socks to add interest and personality to this otherwise simple style.



Mix up Classic Style


You can’t beat good old timeless style choices, especially when it comes to dressing for work or smarter occasions. While timeless style is a great choice, it’s all too easy to end up looking like everyone else, lacking personality or individuality.


A great way to add subtle personality to your style is with a pair of bright and bold socks. Introducing just a little touch of colour and interest, in choosing to mix up your socks, you can maintain an overall classic style that gives a nod to your personality. This will ensure you don’t end up looking exactly like everyone else, while maintaining a stylish and professional look.


As you can see, becoming more open and being more creative with your sock choices can help you achieve your own unique look, that’s still classic and versatile. Bright and colourful socks can add interest to a number of looks, from your office style and off-duty fashion, to a wedding or a special occasion – a bright or patterned sock will help you achieve a stylish look with an unexpected twist.


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