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9 Reasons Why a Sock Subscription Gift Makes the Perfect Present

Posted On 22/03/2019
9 Reasons Why a Sock Subscription Gift Makes the Perfect Present
  1. 9 Reasons Why a Sock Subscription Gift Makes the Perfect Present


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Meta Description: A sock subscription gift can be the perfect present for the man that’s difficult to buy for. Discover 9 reasons why a sock subscription makes an ideal gift here…


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A sock subscription gift is a unique way to show someone that you love how much you care. Whether you’re looking for a birthday present, something for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even Father’s Day, a sock subscription is ideal if you want to find something a little bit different.


Perfect for the stylish chap that loves to experiment with his look, swerve the predictable gift this year and give him something that will make him smile, each and every month. Here are 9 more reasons why a sock subscription gift makes the perfect present…


1. It’s a gift that keeps on giving

Subscriptions are a fantastic way to gift someone something special all year round. Imagine having something land on your doormat every month that you really look forward to receiving? A subscription is such a lovely way to brighten someone’s day on a regular basis.

2. You can encourage people to try new colours and styles

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a sock and style rut. Encourage the fashionable man to push his boundaries a little and try something new. Our sock styles are bright, bold and colourful, and present the perfect way to introduce new colours and patterns into your wardrobe in a subtle way.

3. Everybody needs new socks

Nobody will ever know where socks end up. They seem to be especially good at getting lost, and before you know it your sock draw is looking like a very lonely place. A sock subscriptionis a great gift. Not just fun and stylish, it’s also extremely helpful and practical to have new socks every month.

4. Give your loved one a little treat every month

We can all be guilty in this day and age of working too hard and forgetting to look after ourselves. No matter how small, a little treat can go a long way towards rewarding yourself for all the hard work that you do. If you know someone that forgets to stop and treat themselves from time to time, a sock subscription gift is a great way to ensure they get that regular monthly treat.

5. Choose how long your sock subscription gift lasts

When it comes to gifting a sock subscription, you’re in control. Whether you’re purchasing a subscription as a gift or for yourself, we enable to you choose how long it lasts for and how you pay for it. Our sock subscription can last as little as three months, and as long as 12 months, and you can pay upfront or monthly.

6. Add a little oomph

There’s no doubt that a lot of sock styles can be pretty unexciting, so why not add a little colour to someone’s life in the form of bold and bright socks. Great for lifting the mood and generally adding a playful edge, it’s surprising what an impact wearing a flash of colour can have on your day.

7. Ensure your loved one never wears odd socks again

When you’re in a rush in the morning, or getting ready in the dark, odd socks just happen. In addition, over time one sock always seems to go missing, and so in some cases, all we’re left with is the option of odd socks. With a monthly sock subscription gift, you can ensure your loved one never has to face wearing odd socks again.

8. Remind them how much you care

Our busy lifestyles mean we can’t always be as present in other’s lives as we might like to be. While being busy isn’t really an excuse to not check in with friends and family, a monthly gift that arrives on their door will remind them that you really do care, particularly during very hectic periods.

9. Everyone can benefit from a sock subscription gift

No matter what the occasion is, we all need a comfortably and quality pair of socks…apart from when it comes to wearing sandals, we just can’t condone the old socks and sandals look. Sandals aside, the majority of people wear socks everyday and can benefit from having bright and colourful socks, sent straight to their door every month.


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