7 Reasons to Consider a Monthly Sock Subscription

Posted on: 12th March 2019

7 Reasons to Consider a Monthly Sock Subscription

So you’re considering a sock subscription – well you’ve come to the right place. While the immediate benefits of a monthly sock subscription might seem obvious, there are a variety of ways in which a regular sock delivery can transform your life, or your feet at least. Read on to discover seven reasons to consider a sock subscription, aside from the fact that socks are awesome…

1.You won’t run out of socks

Hands up who experiences mysterious sock loss at least once a week? This is an age old problem that none of us seem to have an answer to. One week all of your socks are in the wash, the next they’ve just gone missing, to that unknown place that all socks end up in eventually. One of the most obvious benefits of a sock subscription is that you’ll never run out. With a new pair every month, you’ll soon be well stocked so that you never have to rummage under the bed and in the wash basket again.

2.Add a playful edge to your style

Whether you favour a generally simple style, or you have to dress a certain way for work, bold and colourful socks are a great way to add a playful edge to your look. Sometimes a pop of colour or pattern is all you need to add personality.

Monthly sock subscription

3.Regularly switch up your look

New socks every month means you can switch up your stock style regularly. Ideal for the changing seasons, and our ever changing lifestyles, new socks every month means you can adapt your look to suit the time of year or occassion.

4.A little treat every month

Who wouldn’t love a little treat through the letterbox every month? When you work hard it’s nice to have something small like this to look forward to. With a monthly sock subscription, you can discover a new style each and every month, and will always look forward to your new pair landing on your door mat.

Monthly sock subscription

5.Avoid repetition

When you discover a stock style that’s easy to wear, or is plain so they go with everything, it’s all too easy to end up buying the same socks over and over. While it’s OK to have a couple of black pairs of socks in your sock draw, imagine how dull it would be to open up your draw to be met with ONLY black socks. This is the reality for some, but we say cut out the repetition and let colour and pattern into your lives.

6.Experiment with colours

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with colours. Instead of going all out on a new shade, a new pair of socks allows you to test drive shades you might not have considered wearing before. From bright and bold blues and oranges, to more muted tones of mustard, rust and even plaster pink, new socks every month allows you to introduce new colours into your wardrobe and discover new shades you might have never tried otherwise.

7.Invest in as many pairs as you need

The beauty of a sock subscription is that you’re in charge and can benefit for as many or as little pairs of socks as you wish. With the Henry J Socks subscription, we send you one pair a month, and you can choose from three, six and 12 month subscriptions.

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