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5 Ways to Introduce Pattern into Your Style

Posted On 10/04/2019
5 Ways to Introduce Pattern into Your Style

5 Ways to Introduce Pattern into Your Style


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Pattern is a fantastic way to add interest to your look and create a unique and iconic style. Often not used enough in men’s fashion, if you don’t generally wear pattern, it can be tricky to understand how to introduce pattern into your style. Once you start to play around with prints though, you’ll be surprised at what a difference they make to your overall look. Adding vibrancy and a unique touch, pattern is that all important finishing touch that many of our wardrobes are lacking…

To introduce pattern into your style, try these five ideas…

1.Style a Pocket Square

If you regularly wear blazers or have to wear a full suit for work, a pocket square is a great way to add a touch of personality to what can otherwise be a more basic look. While of course you can choose your own style of tailoring and colour for your suit or blazer, a patterned pocket square will add that pop of interest that you just can’t achieve with a plain suit alone.

Pocket squares are also fantastic for special occasions, such as weddings, to add your own unique twist on the traditional wedding guest style. Try creating a collection of three or four styles, to introduce pattern to your style, no matter the occasion.

2. An Old School Jumper

‘80s style is big in men’s fashion at the moment and an old school jumper is the perfect way to add a retro pattern to your look. Available in a range of colour palettes, if you favour a more classic style, try a patterned jumper in muted tones, or for those that prefer a bolder look, a bright and bold ‘80s jumper is ideal.

A patterned jumper is perfect for your off-duty look. Style with straight leg jeans rolled up at the hem, chunky boots and a simple black backpack and you’re good to go.

3. Bright and Patterned Socks

A subtle but highly effective way to introduce pattern into your style is with bright and bold patterned socks. Ideal for your workwear look, off-duty style and special occasions, bright socks will add personality and a fun touch to your style, no matter the occasion. Try adding interest and unexpected detail to an otherwise neutral outfit with a splash of colour and pattern, or match your bright socks to another element of your style, such as your t-shirt.

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4. A Retro Backpack or Holdall

Remember when backpack styles were fun and bold? Step away from today’s sensible bag designs in shades of black and khaki, and instead opt for a bright and playful bag to add a sense of fun to your style. Try a colour block backpack in bright shades, or go for a holdall with a modern aztec print or similar.

5. A Bold Patterned Shirt

For spring/summer, a short sleeved patterned shirt is the ideal way to add a fresh edge to your look for the new season. Vintage print shirts are huge for this season, so don’t hold back when it comes to selecting your perfect pattern. From palm trees and florals, to checks and polka dots, 2019 is the year to be bold if you choose to introduce pattern into your style.

Unique patterns and colours can be incredibly refreshing, and sometimes all your wardrobe needs is a printed piece or two to breathe new life into it. Which patterns will you be rocking this season?


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